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(no subject)  
08:19pm 14/02/2014
I leave for South Korea in four days. I'll be Internetless for the first month or so, unless there is wifi in my building. I'll be checking my messages at Internet Cafes when I can. I will probably be super stressed out because I'll be trying to figure out how to lesson plan and teach. :)

I've been keeping Facebook updated because my family is on there. If anyone wants my facebook profile please message me.

I will also keep this updated, if I can, because there are a couple of you that still use lj. :)
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(no subject)
05:08am 15/02/2014 (UTC)
Raina: Aww!
Good luck! Yeah, I'm one of the five people on the planet who still use LJ. What can I say, I'm a loyal customer (and I have a free account, lol). Just drop a blurb every now and then, I will definitely be checking.
picword: Aww!
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(no subject)
06:17am 16/02/2014 (UTC)
KC: ghoulia
Be careful out there! And to lesson plan, just decide what you want to teach them and then how to check to see if they learned. There are lesson templates online and I'm sure there are ones for people in your shoes! Talk to you again when you're in South Korea!
picword: ghoulia
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(no subject)
12:53am 17/02/2014 (UTC)
Good grief, it's a running gag: Ken
Have fun!
picword: Ken
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