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(no subject)  
06:03pm 27/01/2013
Hey everyone, I'm still alive. I've pretty much completely moved to tumblr, where I have been delighting in being a Homestuck fan. I'll still use this lj from time to time I think... it is the last place left I can make personal posts and hide them from my family. Tumblr I don't know the people there enough to post "unattractive angst".

Anyway, for anyone who wants to keep tabs on me, my tumblr is: Spacefille

My skype is: Spacefille

My facebook has my entire family on it and has to be fandom free as much as possible. If you're cool with that give me a note (and if I know you enough) I'll give you my real name and URL.


A short summary of the last month and a half... nothing really. Honestly, I'm just using Homestuck to escape my personal life right now. Which isn't healthy, I know. :(

Even so Homestuck was good in one way, I made friends in real life and am learning how to actually be around people. I think getting out of the house is positive for me.

Anyway, yeah. Hit me up and please feel free to add me on skype or whatever.
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(no subject)
02:10am 28/01/2013 (UTC)
CEO, Air Perv: Azazel
I am slowly developing a love/hate relationship with tumblr. I hate it as a medium to interact. I love that there's so much pretty shit on it. AARG.
I'd follow you if I thought either of us would gain anything from it. XD
picword: Azazel
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(no subject)
02:15am 28/01/2013 (UTC)
I will add you to skype! I signed up under my paladin's name in WoW, so don't decline when Qellsafein attempts to add you. ^^;
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(no subject)
03:30pm 28/01/2013 (UTC)
For a while I played with opening a tumblr account but I decided it's not worth it. So yeah sticking with lj... And I honestly really don't know what "skype"-ing is. If it involves having a camera on a computer, then it's something I can't even do, since I don't have one of those. And you already know how I feel about FB. Guess I'll be catching you on MSN Messanger as usual. I don't even use that to talk to anyone else anyway, lol. I've actually scaled my interactions online way the hell down since high school. Socially I post here and at NarutoForums and that's about it (except match.com which I pay for). I think my last most high profile interaction was with "The Rat Lady" who is considered America's top rat expert concerning my contributions to her web site. That was neat since I never expected her to respond to me personally. :) My other social interactions have been texting a man I met on match. My dad's been calling me a "cougar" because he's a few years younger than me. XD :P
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