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Corporate Nightmare continues...  
11:01pm 31/10/2012
So today I went to work today to the corporate nightmare dressed up as Vriska from Homestuck.


It was fun, but not as fun as expected. I had a meeting with the VP of the Company, who walked by me at lunch and gave me a friendly greeting arm squeeze (not hard at all) and said I looked great. So I was confused as to why she was being nice to me.

I think all of the antagonism towards me is purely my boss. Point in case, VP of the Company gave me a desperately urgent ASAP task to do, which over rode my boss' orders to train my replacement *coughs* I mean fellow coworker. So I tell my boss this and she's like *glare* you can have her work on it and train her that way. I was like "... I really need to get this done now."

Finally got to do it without having to fumble through training.

My boss is already speaking like I'm gone... apparently my roommate (did I mention I got my roommate a job at the company?) is now going to be in charge of operations and my replacement will be HIS backfill. It's like a double slap in the face. And tomorrow I train new girl moar while being watched by new boss in training. Fuck.

The nice side of it all is the new girl is genuinely nice and smart and has caught on really fast and I like her. Training a new person to replace yourself is not that difficult if you genuinely like most people and genuinely want to help most people. I've told her when she's done a good job and encouraged her. I've kept my mouth shut about the entire "you know that you're replacing me" thing, because no new employee should have to carry that. She's good. I wish her all the best.

I want to kick my current boss in her non-existent balls. She is a terrible person.

Oh yeah, and they fired the new HR for unknown reasons today as well. So no safty net there. *sighs*
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02:00pm 01/11/2012 (UTC)
*hugs* I'm sorry your boss is such a bitch.

What other places have you started looking at? Because with this much forewarning, I know you're getting a jump on things.
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12:16am 02/11/2012 (UTC)
Raina: Vegeta
*feels so left out of this Homestuck thing* You look awesome, even though I have no idea about the character you're dressed as.

I am on so many levels pissed for you over this replacement thing. Do you have at least have any suspicions as to why they're replacing you? I know I'd be mad unless I had some inkling.
picword: Vegeta
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