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Eat me  
10:28pm 29/10/2012
Today at work was day one of being replaced. The new girl seems quiet, and I can't quite get a read on her. She'll probably hate the job.

I know for sure I'm being replaced though because new girl told me that when they were interviewing her they said a position was opening up soon and if she'd be interested. :P

The only thing that hurt today was when my boss told new girl (names left out for confidentiality haha) that "this was her task list" and these are all her new tasks.

Though are my tasks, I wrote that damn task list... argh. But I guess it isn't mine any longer.

Frankly my boss is an idiot for getting rid of me when she's going on maternity leave, leaving new replacement boss without much back-up but whatever. Scott's leaving and we just hired a new disputes guy too.

Also because I know I'm getting canned I pretty much don't care what I say anymore (within reason) and they were discussing the pumpkin carving the new people will have to do tomorrow. All of the unfortunate recruits (including new boss guy) were expounding on their lack of pumpkin carving skillz so I found a picture of the gold star with "you tried" written in it and e-mailed it to the entire department with the words "for tomorrow" written in the subject line.

It was hilarious and my boss made that disapproving uncomfortable "yes, well" comment and I didn't give a fuck because it made almost everyone else laugh. *She* was the one who thought it was hilarious to be like "well if you don't do well carving the pumpkin I guess we'll just have to fire you, haha" and NO ONE LAUGHED.


Yeah there are benefits to not giving a fuck.

I'm a jerk.
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06:40am 30/10/2012 (UTC)
CEO, Air Perv: Airborne - Noah and Steven
Awww, I'm sorry things are going shitty for you, ashke. It's a real dick thing for ANY business to do. Any possibilities on the horizon?
picword: Airborne - Noah and Steven
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02:40am 31/10/2012 (UTC)
Noooope. I'm job hunting currently. Half-assedly. I really should hunt harder because once new girl is trained my job is on the line, but I'm also really tired. -_-
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