M (spacefille) wrote,


There were hordes of people dressed up as astrological signs with grey skin and horns at the con last weekend, all from a webcomic called "Homestuck." (MS Paint Adventures.)

So I've been trying to read it. I'm about 300 pages in and I'm still "..." about what, exactly, it is and what's going on. Now I know why people at the con said "it's really good!" but for the life of them could not offer any sort of explanation.

I did enjoy the Sims parody that Sburb is.

I also have a feeling the end of the world will factor in here at some point. Also great use of flash or gifs or whatever the author uses to make his pictures move.


He must turn out a page or two a day, this is an insane amount of work. Perhaps whoever made it does not have a job, or makes a lot of money off of his comics to not need to do anything but work on his comics. EDIT: Looked it up - he does comic this pretty much every waking moment.

EDIT #2: Got to the end of Act 1. End of world apparently happened. Sort of. I still have no idea what is going on, but at least it has snagged my interest. :)
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