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Proposed 2012 Nanowrimo idea – 50K of Endings!

So I’ve done Nanowrimo 6 years in a row now, 4(5?) which I completed. It always comes to the same thing, I end up 50 thousand words of STUFF. This stuff usually ends up being one step away from crap with plotholes the size of the small planets, and they end up in far reaches of my computer on December 2nd, never to be touched again.


What has Nanowrimo taught me? I can write 50k of words in a month. That’s great! I can also finish really crappy novels. Even better! But where is the CHALLENGE in that? I already know I can do it. *yawn* Just the thought of producing yet another crappy book makes me sad.

So! Lets spice it up a bit! This year I want to do Nanowrimo a little different. Instead of writing a novel, I want to borrow the extremely supportive environment of Nano’s enforced plow towards 50k of writing to complete endings. I have at least 10 fanfics and two original novels that are not done, and all are sitting somewhere between rising action and denouement.

I’m going to prepare a list of fanfics that are sitting on the “I NEED AN ENDING PLS” pile and post it, and I’ll encourage all of you to tell me which ones you’d like to see ended. The endings might be crappy, mind, (very crappy and possibly OOC) but I’ll spend my 50k on working on the endings. THIS IS THE PLAN.

I know the TMNT fandom has about 10 fics in need of an ending. Seeing as the new TMNT cartoon is coming out on September 29th, I see a likelihood of these being worked on. *nods*

So yes, let me know which ones you’d like me to work on, and/or hate me the most for dropping and/or have already disowned me because I never finished. O_o
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