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Not gonna lie, still excited  
09:51pm 20/08/2012
Robert Paulsen as Donatello in 2012 (20 seconds in):

And as Raphael in the 1980s:

I mean COME ON, if you're gonna voice the same cartoon but a different character, at least change the voice a bit more. But I guess I should just be happy he's not using Pinky's voice from Pinky and the Brain.

This makes me feel better, I forgot how much the old cartoon screwed up. XD:

(I'm not gonna lie, Paulsen make me absolutely adore Raphael when I was ten, and I loved Mighty Max for the same reason, and Rev from Loonatics Unleashed, who all use variants of this voice, so I'm sure I'll get used to Donatello sounding the same very quickly.)
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02:55pm 21/08/2012 (UTC)
Raina: Amalthea Seeks
Nope, still not going to say a bad word against the 80s cartoon, because without it, I wouldn't have become a TMNT fan at all. :) However, I will refer to the 90s live action film for making Raphael my favorite of the four. Guess I can identify with his "angry at the world non-team player" 'tude.

Pinky is kind of a hard voice to forget and since those two mice and their dreams of world conquest were a huge hit when I was a kid, it would be hard for him to voice any character using the same voice without someone going "Isn't that Pinky?" I remember when I heard Patrick on Spongebob for the first time, I thought "Broadway?" from Gargoyles and I still think that now. I don't think of that voice as a pink starfish with a mental defect, I think of him as a gargoyle who enjoys his food and breaking into movie theaters to watch films. (Love that ep: "I don't remember there being any explosions in Bambi"). XD

picword: Amalthea Seeks
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