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My most valuable possessions  
10:09pm 13/08/2012
Having lost some of my stuff to mold, I was able to tell what of my stuff I value the most because they ended up being the stuff I worry about most. Outside of my old drawings from high school that are really not replaceable (and my USB jumpdrive with all my writing ever on it), the two "items" or collections I worry about the most are: *drumroll pls*

My TMNT comic book collection.


My Monica Hughes books.

These two items take up maybe 4 boxes. It's like, less than 10% of all the stuff I own. They also are among my oldest things, gathered over a 15-20 year span for both.

So basically if I keep at myself doggedly and remind myself that those are the two things I don't want to part with ever, at least not at this moment in my life, I should be able to dump the rest like hot potatoes, right?

*crickets chirp* Well, it's an idea anyway.
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06:33am 14/08/2012 (UTC)
KC: ghoulia

btw, I'm not really on aim anymore. I'm kcwriter0@hotmail.com MSN :)
picword: ghoulia
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07:19am 14/08/2012 (UTC)
Yes, that would be awesome wouldn't it? XD; I already turned out some stuff (clothing) so it's a step in the right direction. Kind of.

LOL kk. Except my MSN is a bit daft and doesn't seem to think you're on there. o_O Even though you're right there. *growls at MSN* Well, I sent you a live invite. Dunno if that'll work. ^^
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07:33am 14/08/2012 (UTC)
KC: to far away times
What's your email/handle on msn? (btw, I'm not very practiced with this program)
picword: to far away times
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07:12pm 14/08/2012 (UTC)
Raina: Reflection of Amalthea
And just think, that TMNT collection could be worth something someday just in case you need to sell it. Saw someone on Pawn Stars try to sell their TMNT collection. The buyer didn't get what he wanted for them so there was no sale but it was proof they ARE worth money. But seriously nothing compares to sentimental value. :) God, I know I still have things I've had since I was a CHILD. I've got a stuffed mouse I've had since I was a toddler still in my closet. I've got the pics of me at that age with the thing to prove it too.
picword: Reflection of Amalthea
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06:34pm 21/08/2012 (UTC)
M: 9
The first Isis book is one of my favorites too. I really adored Invitation to the Game and Spacetrap as well. I think they republished some of her more popular works in recent years... I probably should make an effort to collect those last few I don't have. :)

The scanning idea is a good one. It'd take me a while as I have about 1000 pictures and most of them are bad (well, done in high school so... urgh.) I need to motivate myself to just chuck stuff out! :)
picword: 9
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05:13am 16/08/2012 (UTC)
reijiro75: Leo grin - check what I got

Throwing stuff out is always hard. At least you've got your prorities right though. ^_^

Hope the mold doesn't claim anything else and you get it fixed right damn soonish.
picword: Leo grin - check what I got
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06:36pm 21/08/2012 (UTC)
Thanks! *hugs back*
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