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(no subject)  
11:20am 13/08/2012
Reading a bunch of anti-American comments in a Canadian newspaper article today made me feel disgusted.

Here's something to chew on. Nearly every single American I've ever met has been kind and courteous. In fact Idaho was so full of kind, courteous people I was in shock.

Here's another thing to chew on. Most of my closest kind, courteous American friends are ALSO conservative.

I really wish some of my fellow Canadians would get their heads out of their asses. You might not like their politics or some of the more outspoken Americans out there, but for every loud, brass, outspoken American you see on TV (which some Canadians seem to like to point to and say "Ah ha! That's what all Americans are like!") there are a million really polite, kind, courteous and welcoming people that actually AREN'T like that at all.

TL;DR, stfu anti-American Canadians.
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(no subject)
10:42pm 13/08/2012 (UTC)
And you just listed the problem with every single group (political or country or even just teams!) *hug*
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(no subject)
11:33pm 13/08/2012 (UTC)
Raina: Vegeta
On behalf of all Americans, thank you. :)
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(no subject)
05:09am 23/08/2012 (UTC)
M: Majin Vegeta Grin
You're welcome! Belatedly, sorry! XD
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(no subject)
04:51am 15/08/2012 (UTC)
Tamara: TrentAbsinthe
I've only ever been as far as Montana, but I was a little shocked when most of the Americans I met down there, were more polite than people here in Calgary.

I find it funny when my Dad trolls them (we live in igloos, apparently), and there is the occasional herp-derp moment you hear about sometimes, but I've never met an American I'd personally make fun of or scorn.
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(no subject)
05:08am 16/08/2012 (UTC)
reijiro75: Raph Mike solidarity
I know what you mean. There's a lot of America-bashing goes on Downunder too, and now I have so many close friends who are American (on both sides of the political spectrum and across the breadth of the country) I just find it embarassing on behalf of my fellow Aussies that they know so little about what real Americans are actually like.
picword: Raph Mike solidarity
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