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Writing - GO!  
01:38pm 27/07/2012
I wrote a 4k short story yesterday after work. (Yes, all at once. Marathon writing, yay! *is tired*)

Anyway, it's the most meta thing ever... the short story is a fanfic of a alternate universe fanfic (so what Shades of Grey was to Twilight)... of which the main character is based on a fanparody of the character from the original tv show. (Nail from TFS's DBZ Abridged.)

*is proud*

Basically if you slapped regular names on my short story it is so far removed from the original source material that even if you tried there is no way you could make the association. *moar proud*

Also the friend who I wrote it for - the person who wrote the AU - said she really liked it! *even moar proud* :)

Now, my biggest issue is my friend will not post said AU fanfic until she's made a certain amount of progress into the fanfic. *slaps forehead* So there is 30k+ of marvelous fanfic just sitting there. I should start a petition going or something, even though I'd be the only signature on it as I'm the only one who has read it.

Hopefully she won't get mad at me for posting that. :)

I'm also well on my way towards my 1 million words. You know, that challenge where if you write a million words you've become a good writer. I believe this is more an issue of practice, but doesn't necessarily mean someone is a good writer... but I do feel I've improved over the years (though grammar and spelling are still my weaknesses). I'd like to hit 1 mil. I know some friends who have.

All together I'm pushing about 750k. 475k on FF.net, 3 original Nanowrimo spews of 50k each (they are terrible), a bunch of fanfiction that either is to old to post or it got booted off of ff.net back in the day.

As a point of interest, if Stephen King wrote 2000 words a day for 12 years he'd be sitting at about 8.76 million words. Sounds about right actually, given how many books that man has published. Also as a point of interest, one of my favorite young adult writers, Gordon Korman, hit the ground running by publishing the novel he wrote in grade 7 as a class project... at the tender age of 12.

Goal for the next 250k words - FINISH SOMETHING. Or better yet, finish everything.
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09:45pm 27/07/2012 (UTC)
I started writing again back in Jan 2011 and right now I'm way over the 1 million word mark just in TMNT fanfiction alone.

That does not count the two completed original fiction novels and the two as yet unfinished ones that are part of the set. :)

I think I need 2 million words to start feeling like I'm halfway good. Oh well, at least I'm having fun!
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10:38pm 27/07/2012 (UTC)
CEO, Air Perv: Kuronue Sprite

Also, damn you, I just spent a good hour compiling word counts, and stopped at 1016999 and realized that my writing is damn disorganized but also that I've gotten better at finishing things but not really better at plotty things.

I suppose this makes me proficient?

Edited at 2012-07-27 10:46 pm (UTC)
picword: Kuronue Sprite
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