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Thursday Morning: Chapter 3 - 8 + 50 Shades of Grey  
08:44pm 09/07/2012
So... I haven't been posting this here because... well, pretty much because I'm lazy and had formatting fic into lj posts sucks but! I'm still writing "Thursday Morning". Chapters 1-8 can be found on FF.net here:

(Thursday Morning is the "Gohan gets turned into a girl and bad things happen to him", and there is Piccolo/Gohan and Vegeta/Gohan and so on. It'll eventually be a Piccolo/Gohan relationship fic... though getting there is proving... interesting. Seriously though, ever try to write a relationship fic between a human teenager and a giant asexual grouchy alien?)

It is now the third longest fanfic I've ever written. But that isn't saying much. If it ever gets deleted for whatever reason I guess I'll have to go back to posting it here. XD I might actually finish this one too. The longest fanfic I ever wrote was 99k, and I finished it so... hey! There is always a chance. <3

... I also tried to read 50 Shades of Grey over the weekend... it didn't last long. It's one baaadddlyyyy written piece of poo. Happily it makes me feel better about my chances of becoming good enough to be published one day! (I think 50 Shades of Grey did that for a lot of people.)
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11:01am 14/07/2012 (UTC)
HAH. Who knows, maybe a 15-16 yr old DID write it O_o

Do you have a list of your fanfics somewhere? You have written quite a bit young lady!
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