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Thursday Morning Part 2  
11:16pm 06/04/2012
Thursday Morning: Part 2

Summary: A wish for more Saiyans goes awry and Gohan wakes up to find he is no longer a he. Piccolo is charged with protecting his former student from certain interested parties who would be more than happy to help her carry on the Saiyan race. All Gohan wants is his body back. What horrors will Gohan end up going through before he can get back to normal?

Pairings (main): Piccolo/Gohan, Vegeta/Gohan

Other pairings: Vegeta/Bulma (established relationship). Might have Goku/Vegeta. Tiny bit of very one-sided Goku/Gohan.

Warning: HET. Hints of non-con, but not really. Angst. M/M later, though that really isn't a warning.

Part 1

Part 2:


Piccolo carefully stepped over the threshold into the Hyperbolic Chamber. Being a former God meant he could come and go as he pleased, and for that he was grateful.

The first thing he noticed was the smell. It was strong and heady and almost oppressing. Piccolo wrinkled his nose as he made his way further into the room, concern growing at each step he took. The place was a mess. The kitchen looked like a hurricane had hit it, and the bedroom wasn't much better… items from the kitchen littered the floor, and not one of the sheets or blankets remained on the wide double bed.

But the most worrisome thing was the ki. He could sense Gohan, but the ki signature was low and felt sickly. His heart quickened. It had only been about a half an hour… a little more than a week in here… was it possible that Gohan had degraded that quickly?

"Gohan?" he questioned, walking about the room, looking for her. Tendrils of concern began to creep into his mind. A moment later he found her, lying beside the bed on the other side of it, on top of some of the sheets that should have been on the bed. He stopped for a moment, his eyes wide.

The young now female Saiyan lay on her back, naked and completely drenched in sweat as she wreathed against the sheets. One hand knotted into the fabric as the other one was occupied between her legs, rubbing slowly as she moaned. For a very brief moment Piccolo considered walking right back out again, if it wasn't for the weak ki and the unnatural sheen in her eyes her might have. Frowning, he walked up to her and knelt. He ignored what she was doing to herself to focus on her face and pressed a green hand to her forehead, smoothing matted black bangs out of her eyes. "Gohan," he said.

Gohan stilled, her hand going limp. Hazed eyes blinked up at him in confusion. "Piccolo?" she replied.

Piccolo grunted, and she gulped, turning her head to the side. "It burns," she said. The hand started to move again and reddened lips fell open as she gasped. Piccolo smoothed his hand down the side of her face and she turned her face to look at him again. This time there were tears in her eyes. "I can't…" she began. She still again and looked away, her hand falling to her side. She bit her bottom lip. "How long has it been?" she asked.

"A week." That got her to snap out of it a bit. Gohan stared at him, wide eyed now.

"Only? Oh god," she said, horrified. "Vegeta said…"

"I know," Piccolo sighed and looked her up and down briefly, before deciding. He leaned down and gathered the girl up in his arms.

"Where?" Gohan began, but she figured it out fairly darn quickly. The space was rather tiny.

Piccolo walked across the room and set her carefully down into the bath tub. "You don't have to…" Gohan began, but Piccolo ignored her, instead reaching out to turn on the faucets.

The Namekian sat back and watched as she bathed herself by herself for the most part, concern growing as he saw that every move she made was stilted and slow. "I'm worried about you," he said and he watched her wearily wipe the sweat from her face and shoulders with the cloth. "Your ki is quite low," he added.

Gohan paused, blinking water from her eyes, then sighed, dropping her arms and the cloth back in to the water. "That might just be the effect of this…" she shrugged half heartedly.

Piccolo folded his arms across his chest and glowered. "I thought this was for reproduction."

Gohan looked at him, flushing a little as she did so. "It is," she replied.

"Then why is it harming you?" Piccolo asked.

Gohan stared at him mutely for a moment. Finally she dropped her gaze back to her lap. "Probably because…" she heaved a sigh. "I need to get laid," she muttered. She groaned and as Piccolo watched, she slipped down into the water so only her nose and eyes were above the surface.

This came as very hard to him and he grit his teeth. If Gohan was going to suffer this much, then maybe it would be best to get one of the other two Saiyans involved. "I can go get…"

"No, don't!" Gohan struggled to sit back up, failed, and ended up flailing about in the water weakly. Piccolo stood and grasped her arm, pulling her out and back into a sitting position.

Gohan gave him a small smile. "Thanks," she said.

Piccolo frowned, then slowly let go of his grip once he saw that she was stable. "If you get much worse…" he began.

Gohan shut her eyes and drew a shaky breath. "… Yeah," she said in a very small voice. "Yeah, I know."

Piccolo reached down touched the side of Gohan's face again. She turned her head and looked up at him and Piccolo could see that there were tears in her eyes again. She reached up, wrapping her hands around his elbow and wrist and buried her face against his arm. "I just want this to be over," she muttered.

Piccolo combed the fingers of his free hand through her hair, frowning as he thought. There would have to be a point, a limit where he'd have to go get help… but, if she didn't want it, it would have to be the absolute last resort. Maybe even not then… he didn't know if he could violate Gohan's trust like that. He grimaced. He hated feeling helpless, and that was exactly where he was right now…


The next time he came she was worse, not that that was really unexpected. He had cooked food the last time and had placed it beside the bed, he could see it had barely been touched and was starting to turn moldy from being left alone for days. Gohan was still on the bed this time, but the sheets were ruined, twisted and drenched from where the girl gyrated against them unceasingly.

"Gohan," he started, touching the side her face like he had the first time. This time she gasped, unoccupied hand coming up to trap his hand against her as she pressed chapped and bitten lips to his palm.

"Please," she muttered.

She wasn't all there. "Gohan," he repeated, reaching out with his other hand to shake her shoulder.

That didn't work. She cried out, removing her hand from inside of herself to reach up and loop it around his neck. "Please," she repeated, pulling Piccolo down towards her. He moved his hand to brace it on the bed beside her so he wouldn't fall on top of her.

Apparently that just made her decide to come to him. She lifted her hips, rolling towards him and rubbing up against his hip, gasping with delight as her overly sensitive skin made contact with the rough fabric of his clothes.

Piccolo moved quickly. In a second he had pinned her with one hand against her shoulder and another against her opposite hip. He didn't do it roughly, but it was enough to still her as she was far too weak to move against his hold.

"Gohan!" he repeated.

Gohan blinked, her eyes clearing by degrees. Her brow wrinkled. "Piccolo?" she said faintly. "Is that you?"

"You haven't been eating," Piccolo replied.

Gohan looked confused, then blinked again. "I don't feel like it," she said.

Piccolo actually let out a low growl at that. "You can't keep this up if you don't eat," he said.

She just looked at him.

Piccolo sighed and let her go. He got up, cleaned the room again with a small concentration of power and walked over to the kitchen. He warmed up a soup with another burst of ki, then carried it back to the bed.

She was finger fucking herself with both hands now.

Piccolo sighed again. With a flick of his wrist he shoved her hands away from herself and another flick moved her into a sitting up position with pillows braced behind her to keep her up. Gohan groaned.

"You're going to eat this," he stated as he sat back on the edge of the bed. She gave him a somewhat desperate look.

He ignored it, contemplated her for a moment, then transfigured the bowl he held into a cup. He held it against her mouth. "Swallow," he ordered.

She did, or tried, choking softly as some escaped from the corner of her month. He paused and let her recover.

"More," he ordered, and she swallowed a couple gulps more before choking again. Sweat lined her brow as she tried to concentrate. Gohan had always been a fighter, he reflected grimly, reaching out and wiping her brow.

"It's hard," she confessed finally.

Piccolo nodded. He let her go slowly, getting up from the bed and going back to the kitchen. The former God grabbed a cloth and a cup of water before going back to the bed.

Gohan was touching herself again. Piccolo would have rolled his eyes if it wasn't so serious. Instead he sat back down and reached out, cleaning her face with the cloth.

Her eyes were slightly glazed again as she turned her head to look at him.

"It burns really bad, Piccolo," she said piteously. For a brief moment Piccolo was reminded of when she… when he was a child, a four year old crying out in the night for parents that were never going to come save him. Back when he had suddenly he found himself taking care of a life, of a person who loved him unconditionally, who didn't care who or what he was. Ever since then he couldn't stand to see him suffer… he grit his teeth and put down the cloth.

The next words took him by complete surprise. "I wish it were you," Piccolo's head jerked up and he stared at her.

The expression on her face was serious and solemn. "I do," she added.

Piccolo was silent for a moment as he collected his thoughts. The idea of doing anything with Gohan didn't bother him. In fact if he was Saiyan he could do something, and it would probably be easier on his young charge. But he wasn't… and being a Namekian complicated matters further.

"I'm not Saiyan," he said, shaking his head. "I can't give you what you need."

"I know," she reached up towards him with a trembling hand. He leaned down without thinking, allowing her much smaller hand trace along the side of his jaw and up towards a pointed ear. When she tugged on it he went without protest, allowing her to pull him down. For a moment she contemplated him, then leaned up, pressing a kiss to his alien lips.

He let her kiss him, several times, her hands running along his neck and shoulders. Her breathing sped up as she became more excited. One of her hands had returned to herself, dipping inside as she clung to Piccolo's neck and pressed an open mouthed kiss to his jaw. He moved his head upwards slightly, allowed her access. She continued until she let out a choked sound and let him go suddenly, falling back on the bed.

He pulled away to look at her. She shook her head. "I'm sorry," she said, looking wretched. "I'm sorry Piccolo, I just…" she clenched her teeth and turned her head away from him.

"Gohan," he reached down, turning her head back to look at him. "It's okay."

She looked confused and a little scared. "But I just…"

Piccolo sighed and got to his feet, standing briefly to pull of his turban and cape. The shoulder pads fell to the floor with a resounding thud. He then turned back and got into the bed beside her.

Gohan stared at him, her eyes wide. "Piccolo?" she squeaked.

Piccolo shook his head slightly. He didn't know much about this stuff, but he did know Gohan, and Gohan – especially this Gohan - craved physical contact. Sure enough when he held out an arm she only hesitated a moment before moving into his embrace, looping one of her own arms around his torso. Her other hand drifted back to between her legs.

"I feel dirty," she groaned as that hand hit home.

"I'll run you another bath in a bit," Piccolo grunted in reply. He knew what she meant, he could pick up on her chaotic thoughts and sense her shame, but he refused to acknowledge it. Being ashamed of this would be the same as him being ashamed of being hatched out of an egg. It was silly and inconsequential.

She laughed at his remark, then bit her lip, her eyes drifting closed. She leaned up again, kissing him along the jaw, then moved up to his mouth. He followed her lead, allowing her to deepen the kiss. Her hand carried up to his neck, tugging him closer, and he rolled with her. He ended up half on top of her, half to the side. She looped her long legs around one of his own, grinding up against his still clothed thigh as her tongue explored his mouth. She broke away to gasp as her hip motions increased to a frantic pace, teeth biting into her bottom lip again as she tensed, then let out a long low keening whine before going limp completely.

He stroked a hand down her side as her breathing slowed. When she finally calmed down enough to speak she turned her head to look at him and smiled shyly. "Thank you," she said.

He shrugged. "All I did was kiss you," he pointed out. She had literally done the rest of the work.

Now it was her turn to shrug. She looked a bit sheepish. "Never been kissed before," she said after a moment.

Piccolo almost smiled at that. He gave her an enduring look, then looked down to where his hand rested against her rib cage, thumb against the side of one of her breasts. "How long until you start again?" he asked.

Gohan sighed. "Minutes," she said. "Maybe."

Piccolo nodded. "Now will you eat?" he asked.

She laughed weakly at that.


She did eat some after that, and allowed him run her a bath. Her motions were slow and sluggish and increasing stilted as she tried to wash herself. He finally took over, running the cloth over her with gentle but efficient strokes.

She smiled her gratitude. Her eyes were drifting closed as he brought her back to the bed. She was asleep by the time he laid her down in it.

He contemplated her. After a moments consideration he decided to stay and watch over her. He nodded to himself and tucked his legs under himself in order to hover in a corner of the room where he had a clear view of the bed.

He was beginning to see the problem later on that night. She didn't sleep. Or rather she slept for minutes at a time, only to wake up and start again, moaning and sighing and touching herself. That would last for hours until she finally reached the same peak as she had earlier when he had been with her, and would fall into an exhausted sleep again. Then she'd wake up, be coherent briefly before starting all over again.

One of the times she had stumbled out of the bed, crawled across the floor to the other room to the facilities to relieve herself, only to give out a few feet away from the bed and began again there. Now he knew why he found her on the floor the first time he had come in.

By the time a day had past he had seen five of these cycles. Each time a cycle was coming to an end her ki would spike briefly, only to dip to new lows as she fell into a fitful sleep. After the first couple cycles he started to take advantage of her brief moments when she wasn't occupied with herself… one of the cycles he gotten her to drink more water, another he convinced her to get back on the bed.

He was beginning to understand what the human concept of a headache was. This was… madness. Pure and simple. It hadn't even been two weeks, and if what Gohan had said was right… that there were three months of this, her body was going to give out before she reached the end of a month, let alone three months. Even with a Saiyan's near unlimited stamina, there was no way…

One day turned into another, and then another. Piccolo left her alone as he continued to watch her. Gohan didn't seem to even notice his presence, and since he only approached her in the small windows of brevity, she didn't touch or kiss him again. He didn't know if he should feel disappointed or not, and decided that it didn't matter.

By the forth day he noticed it. She was stopping. It had gotten to the point where she didn't even have the strength to raise her arms for longer than a few minutes at a time, with increasingly long pauses between. She'd still need to finish however… she would lie there, tense and breathing rapidly, until she gathered enough strength to try again. When she finally got there she would pass out immediately, though the time between sleeping and being awake didn't change.

She hardly moved on the bed any more. It was… painful to watch. Even so, he didn't interfere. He waited. At one point during a break he carried her to the facilities and another made her drink more water. He tried to make her eat too, but she spat it back up again and coughed weakly. Tired eyes met his own. "I'm… sorry Piccolo," she said. He patted her shoulder reassuringly – he wasn't upset at her - and cleaned it up.

He went back to waiting.

By the end of the sixth day she gave up. He saw the exact moment she did it too… she had been trying to move for literally hours. Her pulse was high, breathing fast, but she couldn't move her hands more than a couple inches. She was literally helpless. She had cried tears of frustration. Those dried and she still couldn't move.

"Piccolo…" She said in a low voice he would have been pressed to catch if his hearing wasn't as good as it was. He broke out of his meditation hover with a small sigh of relief and walked over to the bed.

He looked down at her. "I need you to…" she probably would have flushed if she wasn't already.

He sighed again. Well, at least he knew exactly what to do from watching her spend days doing this to herself. He hesitated, then crouched down, reaching out and running his fingers through her hair again. He quite enjoyed doing that. She moaned slightly at the mere contact, panting heavily as she looked up at him out of glazed eyes. He paused and held up his other hand, concentrating. The claws on his fingers absorbed back into his body, leaving smooth digits in their place. He brought that hand down and touched her. She let out a small cry, and her body moved, or rather tried to move against him. He turned his gaze back to her face to make sure he wasn't doing anything to hurt her as he slowly sunk two fingers inside of her. Her eyes slid closed as he began to slide those in and out, using his thumb to stimulate her on the outside. It took less than a minute before she tensed and let out a small cry, and the slick warmth around his fingers pulsed.

Then her ki plummeted.

"GOHAN," he exclaimed, yanking his hand away to grasp her shoulders, shaking her. For a few very tense seconds her ki faded to almost nothing, and it looked like the girl had stopped breathing. Piccolo stared, horrified, at the still form he held.

He was just about to put her down again to try to give her a flood of his own ki in a desperate attempt to revive her, when her ki flickered back on its own. She drew a gasping breath, eyes fluttering open again.

"Gohan," he repeated. He grasped her chin and moved it up so that she would look at him.

Her eyes met his own, wide eyed and scared for a moment, and then understanding flooded them. She either read the look on Piccolo's face or felt how close she had come.

"I'm not going to make it," she said. The expression on her face was wretched. She twitched in his arms but wasn't able to do much. "I can't even move anymore," she continued, stating the obvious.

Piccolo was silent. He said nothing, but he knew what the next step would be. Would have to be, and even then in her state it was a gamble. If that happened again, would she die? "I shouldn't have let this go on so long," he said bitterly.

/You let me try to make it on my own, and you've helped me in more ways than you can imagine/ Piccolo blinked down at Gohan. She had opened up the telepathic link he had used with her a couple times before when she was a child, and had done it with considerable ease.

Not only that, Gohan's mind voice was decidedly male and completely himself. /Gohan/ he thought back at him.

Gohan's eyes opened, confused for a second, then smiled. /You can hear me?/ he thought. /Good/ he added. /It takes a lot of effort to speak right now/

Piccolo let out a small laugh at that as he carefully gathered the still body up in his arms. The warmth of the link made the tension in his body dissipate. Gohan might have been weak and mostly immobile in his arms but the mental link told him that Gohan was alive and vibrant and well. The relief he felt was incredible.

/I'm taking you back outside/ he thought at Gohan as he started to make his way towards the door. /I'm sorry/

Gohan knew what he was sorry for and understood. /It's okay/ he thought back, though the mind link briefly became tinged with anxiety and sadness.

/Which would you prefer?/ Piccolo thought at him and hating that he had to ask. He opened the door and stepped out of it and into the light.

/Let them decide/ Gohan replied, and meant it. Both were bad for him, but he accepted that this was going to happen. He had had almost three weeks to come to terms with it. He had a vagina, he needed to have sex, and only Vegeta or his own Dad could help him with that. Got it. He knew that only an hour had passed on the outside. That wasn't nearly enough time for either his father or Vegeta to even adjust to the fact that he was a girl let alone…

Piccolo snorted, catching his thoughts. /Worry about yourself/ he sent. Gohan smiled.


He settled her onto a mattress in one of the ornate rooms of the palace, pausing to run a hand down the side of her face again. She smiled again. "I still wish it was you," she said weakly.

Piccolo nodded. "I know," he said.


They were sparing, Piccolo could feel them long before he reached them. The fact that they were both sparring at Super Saiyan level told him that one or the other was in a bad mood. Seeing as the events of the day had unfolded like they had, it was probably both of them. He frowned to himself. They could deal with it. He had a life to save.

Sure enough they had stopped their spar as soon as they felt him approach. Piccolo came to a stop mid air several feet away, cape billowing in the wind.

Goku dropped out of Super Saiyan first. "What?" he asked, concerned. "What is it?"

"It's Gohan," Vegeta said. The smaller Saiyan powered down as well and sniffed. "You reek," he said, his eyes narrowed. In fact the Namekian smelled a lot stronger than he'd expect from just incidental contact. Huh. Was it possible the brat had been getting the Namekian to help her? The thought would have been laughable in any other situation. This time though, the situation was less humorous. Gohan trusted the Namekian and Vegeta knew she probably preferred him if given the choice. Too bad their species were completely incompatible…

Piccolo gave him a dirty look. "I've been taking care of her," he replied, and left it at that. He looked from Goku to Vegeta and back again. "I've taken her out of the Time Chamber," he added. "She has gotten worse. I need one of you to help her. Preferably immediately," he added, his agitation clear.

Vegeta and Goku exchanged looks. "You do realize the reason why we put her in there," Vegeta said, folding his arms across his chest.

The Namekian folded his arms across his chest as well. "I'm well aware," he grumped back. "But none of us might have a choice any longer. Her ki is dangerously low, and I believe she is dying." At that he could see both Saiyans turn their heads towards the look out, sensing out what Piccolo already knew. When they looked back to him Goku looked worried and Vegeta looked grim.

"This last week I could barely get her to drink anything, let alone eat," Piccolo continued. "If one of you DOESN'T do something, we might LOSE her before we get a chance to wish her back to normal, and I don't think either of you want that to happen."

There was more silence as the two Saiyans exchanged uncomfortable glances. "I think you should go Vegeta," Goku said after a moment. He grinned, though it was a bit forced, even for someone who was good at smiling at really bad times. "If someone's going to be making more Saiyans, it probably should be the Prince of all Saiyans, huh?"

"Shut UP Kakarrot," Vegeta snarled, his eyes widening. He actually turned red at that. "I don't want to fuck your son any more than you do!" he shouted. It was sort of true… it wasn't that he didn't want to fuck Gohan in her current state, he did, but he also was rather fond of the brat. There was no telling how she'd react once this was all done and she was back to being a he. Actually he knew how she'd react. The same way that she had that morning when she had stared at him with a horrified look on her face. Which, again, was why he had sent her into the Time Chamber the first place…

Piccolo didn't look like he was up for an argument. "Decide. NOW," he snapped.

Vegeta's eyes narrowed again. He didn't like being ordered about. However the Namekian's urgency, and the fact that he could barely sense Gohan, told him now was not the time to argue with him about it. And if Kakarrot wanted him to go…

Vegeta sighed. "Fine," he muttered, and floated forwards. "I'll go," Piccolo nodded, then took off towards the look out. Vegeta threw Kakarrot a glare over his shoulder.

Goku shrugged sheepishly. "Um, be careful with him… her?" he said, confusing himself again. Geez, six hours was not nearly long enough to get used to the fact that your son was a now daughter instead.

"You can do this instead if you're worried," Vegeta grouched.

Goku shook his head quickly, waving Vegeta off. "I'm sure you have it covered, Vegeta!" he exclaimed.

Vegeta gave him one last dirty look, turned and blasted off after the Namekian.

Goku's grin faded and he sighed, feeling old for one of the first times in his life. There were some things fathers really shouldn't have to do... sending former mass murderers off to have sex with their teenaged children was one of them. He had been fused with the prince once, he had seen things he had really not wanted to see when their memories meshed, scenes that to this day would occasionally wake him up with nightmares. But he had also seen the good in him, the more recent thoughts and feelings and tenderness. He knew the man cared about the children, all of them, his own two included, a lot more than he let on. He was gambling on that by sending him, hoping that Vegeta wouldn't disappoint him when faced with something primal from his past. It was still a gamble though, and a possibly cruel one to Gohan. Goku frowned, his brow furrowing. Maybe he should have gone…

He shut that thought down immediately. Right, like that would have been any better. He remembered how he acted back in the lab, how suddenly he no longer saw his own flesh and blood sitting there on the table, but rather a fascinating thing he wanted nothing more than to touch and taste and bend over the lab table and…

Goku groaned out loud, shaking his head quickly to get the images out of his mind, then began to dejectedly fly back towards Capsule Corporation. "Just be nice, Vegeta," he muttered under his breath.

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