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(no subject)  
02:44pm 01/04/2012
Sunday afternoon... end up on damn tumblr for hours.

SKY WORLD By KABU - A really great Goku/Vegeta doujinshi with lots of violence:

Vegeta music videos:

Vegeta's Sexy and He knows It
(I've watched it at least 15 times now XD... it's damn sexy)


Vegeta Will Always Love You(Humor)
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(no subject)
10:21pm 01/04/2012 (UTC)
Legal Assassin: L'il Blue
Tumblr is an obsession, I totally understand <3
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My recs
10:23pm 02/04/2012 (UTC)
Raina: Vegeta


or http://youtu.be/7trw5pMFK5Y

if it doesn't work. :) Rocky Balboa and Vegeta? Hell yes.


^This one is good too. One of the better Vegeta tribute that does not use a Linkin Park song. XD

I find it's not easy to find good DBZ videos.
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Re: My recs
12:11am 03/04/2012 (UTC)
The Rocky one is extremely well done.

Have you seen my Vegeta AMV? I made it in 2003, soon after I did that Invader Zim Eat It one. My account got deleted ages ago, but some guy uploaded it to youtube and when I got back into DBZ I went and found it. It's a step above most of the DBZ AMVs I've seen... I think it'd be a lot smoother if I made it nowadays but source material was scarce in 2003. ;)

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Re: My recs
01:48am 03/04/2012 (UTC)
Raina: Vegeta
I remember seeing it years ago but have absolutely no memory of it, if that makes any sense. I remember downloading it and watching it, but retained no memory of what I'd seen or heard. But I wasn't into the fandom back then so what I saw didn't have any meaning for me. Now that I've just watched it, it's pretty good. Had to look away at the end because of spoilers (I'm not quite done with s.9 just yet). XD

Vegeta AMVs are all inherently awesome, even the lame ones. Finally, anime has an infallible character who couldn't look uncool even if he tried. XD
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