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Thursday Morning - Part 1  
10:22pm 26/03/2012
So this is literally my first DBZ fanfic posting in 8 years. XD Yay for getting back into old fandoms again!

Summary: A wish for more Saiyans goes awry and Gohan wakes up to find he is no longer a he. Piccolo is charged with protecting his former student from certain interested parties who would be more than happy to help her carry on the Saiyan race. All Gohan wants is his body back. What horrors will Gohan end up going through before he can get back to normal?

Author's Note: Switches to female pronouns pretty much right away despite the fact that Gohan is still intellectually himself and male, mostly to not cause confusion later on. Also might have pronoun errors throughout. I tried to catch them all.

Pairings (main): Piccolo/Gohan, Vegeta/Gohan

Other pairings: Vegeta/Bulma (established relationship). Mild Goku/Vegeta. Tiny bit of very one-sided Goku/Gohan.

Warning: HET. Hints of non-con, but not really. Angst. M/M later, though that really isn't a warning.

Part 1:

When Gohan awoke that fine Thursday morning with two large lumps of flesh attached to his chest, his first reaction was complete and utter disbelief. He staggered to the bathroom, still half asleep, and lifted his shirt, only to find that he definitely did not have cancer.

What he did have was a little bit less disturbing and a lot more disconcerting. “You have got to be kidding me,” he said. That woke him up enough to notice that his face looked different too, rounded, wide-eyed and full lipped. His voice was similar to how it had been that night when he fell asleep, except now higher pitched, just like a…

For a moment all he could do was stare before paling and sticking his hand down his pants.
If anything he paled more at that.

“DAD!!” he, or rather she, yelled.


Vegeta had found the situation fairly amusing at first. He had just grabbed something for breakfast and walked into the living room to find Goten roughhousing with his own son. It took him a moment to get it, why Goten’s scent was slightly off, why his eyes looked larger and his face looked a little different. When he ended up in a choke hold with Trunks crowing triumphantly over him and with a knee where there was no possible way it could be without some sort of pain on the behalf of the younger Son boy… he got it.

The damn brat had turned himself into a girl somehow.

He figured out how they had managed that pretty quickly too. Dragonballs of course, it had to be. Though why Goten in particular wanted to be a girl he had no idea. He was about to dismiss it as something silly children got up to when Kakarrot winked into existence a few feet away from him.

He hated it when he did that.

Vegeta was about to lay into him about what his ridiculous offspring had done when he paused, his eyes carrying to the tall, slender, dark-haired woman standing at Kakarrot’s side. This one took him a moment to even recognize.

“Go-Gohan?” he stuttered out, unable to retain his surprise. The moment he said it he knew it was him of course, his features were off, but not that far off, but the hips and the shape was definitely not male. And, to make matters worse is he could smell “him”. He was definitely a she. She gave him an embarrassed look and a little wave.

Vegeta scowled. Suddenly this wasn’t so funny any longer.


Gohan was not having a good day. To start it off, he woke up that morning to discover he was a she, and then her Dad freaked out. Literally, but then her Dad always did have a tendency to exaggerate. Screaming and falling on the floor in disbelief seemed a bit excessive though.

Then her Dad decided to take her to Vegeta’s right away, a person she absolutely did NOT want to see right then.

To prove her point, as soon as she got there Vegeta stared at her like she was some alien creature from another planet, which she supposed she was all things considered, then got grumpy really fast. He turned away from them both to go stand in a corner of the room, glowering.

She then noticed her brother. Her brother… wasn’t a brother any longer. For a moment when she arrived she thought maybe Goten had fallen victim to whatever had happened to turn her into a girl. That is, until Trunks and Goten started giggling when they saw her. “Look the wish made him a girl too!” Trunks exclaimed happily. Goten laughed, clapping his… her little eight year old hands together with delight.

Oh, so that’s what happened. “WHAT did you wish?” Gohan demanded to know, her voice harsher than the kids expected.

They startled into silence very briefly, and twin pairs of eyes stared owlishly up at him. “We just wished there would be more kids like us!” Goten defended.

“You… you turned me into a GIRL!” Gohan roared, temper snapping as she strode forwards. Goku caught his ‘son’’s arm before she could deck her younger ‘brother’. Goten squealed and ducked behind Trunks. That made Trunks puff up in defense.

“Well it kind of worked,” Trunks said. “Goten and I will have to just make more kids when we’re old enough,” he looked proud of himself and Goten nodded eagerly.

Gohan visibly paled. “You have no idea what you’re saying,” she said, taking a step back again. She looked up at Vegeta at that. The prince raised an eyebrow at her and Gohan looked away quickly, then groaned as she stumbled over to the couch and sat down heavily. “Four months, right?” she asked no one in particular this time. “Then I can have my body back?”
Obviously her body would have to be wished back, but if the children hadn’t made any more wishes besides the first one she could get her body back in four months. If they used all three, she’d be trapped in a woman’s body for a year…

There was silence in the room, the two children stilling. “But, Gohan don’t you want to…” Goten began, but fell silent as both his own father and Vegeta glared at her. Vegeta was scary when he was mad, and the youngest Son child shifted uncomfortably.

Vegeta looked away from the brat and spoke up in a lower voice meant for the two eldest Sons. “The incubation period for a Saiyan baby is six months,” he said calmly. “With your human genes, it might be closer to seven or eight…” he paused when both Goku and Gohan stared at him with twin expressions of incredulous disbelief.

“… You can’t actually be suggesting I get PREGNANT,” Gohan exclaimed. When Vegeta didn’t answer she threw her hands in the air. “God, I have a GIRLFRIEND…” she put her head in her hands. “What am I going to tell Videl?”

Vegeta was quiet for a moment longer, then continued when it was apparent Gohan wasn’t going to keep ranting. “If the terms of the wish were to produce more half-breed brats,” he shot a look over at Trunks. “And Trunks we WILL be discussing this later,” he turned back to Gohan. “You might not have a choice.”

Kakarrot squawked at that, Gohan still had her face in her hands. “Choice, Vegeta?” Goku exclaimed. “What do you mean?”

Vegeta sighed and shook his head. “… It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a live female Saiyan,” he said quietly. “But, if I remember correctly, and if Gohan takes after your side Kakarrot… he… she’ll cycle,” when Kakarrot stared at him dumbly, and Vegeta made a rude gesture with his hand. “Heat. She’ll go into heat, look for a mate, and stop at nothing until she finds one and gets impregnated,” he stared at the ceiling for a moment. “It usually happened only once every few years or so, but with a wish like that, I wouldn’t be surprised,” he stopped again and sniffed the air, then paused and sniffed again. He looked up at Gohan with a grim expression on his face. “In fact, you might have already started.”

Gohan had slowly looked up from her hands as he spoke, the expression on her face becoming more and more aghast. With that last statement she looked like she was about to faint. “You’re not joking,” she said tonelessly.

Vegeta frowned at her - he never joked - then snapped his focus up at Kakarrot. “No,” he said. “And, unfortunately for you, there are still two full-blooded male Saiyans here who will be happy to oblige you, once it progresses.”

Gohan flinched, her eyes wide and horrified as she stared up at Vegeta. Vegeta met her gaze and looked away again, unable to hold it.

Kakarrot had put on his serious business face. “Vegeta, he’s my son.. well ah, daughter,” he looked confused for a moment, then pressed on. “You can’t possibly suggest I’d...”

Vegeta flashed him a toothy grin that came across a bit more like a grimace than anything. “You say that now Kakarrot, but you have no idea what you would be capable of if faced with a Saiyan bitch in heat,” he paused significantly, then sighed, deflating a bit. “I don’t even know what I’m capable of,” he admitted. “I was five when our home planet was destroyed. But what I DO remember… wasn’t exactly,” he shot a glance at the two younger children and folded his arms across his chest. “Acceptable by human standards,” he finished, knowing that Kakarrot and Gohan would catch his drift without telling the children exactly what he meant. He knew violence was part of who they were, and what he had seen would have been perfectly acceptable both on his home planet and even under Frieza’s rule, but here… the humans didn’t understand these things. All three of the children, Gohan included, had been raised here, softened by human morals and civility.

Gohan got it at least. “Oh my God,” she said quietly into the heavy silence.

Goten actually looked shamefaced as she shifted about. She didn’t understand a lot of what was going on, but what she did understand wasn’t very good. It sounded like Gohan was going to have to become pregnant, and either Uncle Vegeta or her Dad were going to attack her because of it. And now Gohan looked really worried and almost sick. “I’m sorry, Gohan,” she said in a small voice, clinging to Trunk’s arm. Gohan just looked at her.

Trunks patted Goten’s back reassuringly. “Yeah,” he spoke up. “We just wanted more kids like us to play with and stuff, we didn’t know it’d hurt anyone.”

Gohan shook her head. She didn’t reply to either child, but she pulled her focus back to Vegeta. “Do you think Bulma might be able to concoct something to counteract the effects of the… that heat thing?” she asked.

Vegeta blinked. He hadn’t considered that. “That… might work actually,” he said. He thought for a moment longer. “And if it doesn’t… I remember one case when a cycle didn’t result in pregnancy,” he frowned, trying to recall the details. “One of our purgers got trapped on a planet when I was very young. I believe she was half dead by the time they found her three months later, but her cycle was through. What if…” he trailed off then started again as he thought. “What if we put you into Hyperbolic Time Chamber? If you can make it three months in there you don’t have to worry about pregnancy… no matter what that wish said,” he glared at the children, then glanced at Kakarrot. The other full blooded Saiyan nodded.

Gohan didn’t look too happy about that. “Three months in there?” she repeated. “Alone?”

“Ask the Namekian to keep you company,” Vegeta said, and promptly ignored her protest about Piccolo seeing her as a girl. “The cycle might not be so bad for you,” he continued. “You’re half human after all.” He pushed away from the wall and gestured to both of the older Sons to leave the room. “Go,” he said, “Bulma’s down in her lab. I’ll stay up here and have a talk,” he glared at Trunks. “With the children.”

Trunks cowered a bit. Goku merely nodded and sighed, then gestured Gohan to follow him as he turned to leave the room.


Bulma gave her a half glance as she walked by, focused on a computer pad in her hand. “Oh hi Goku, Gohan,” she greeted. She got a couple more steps before suddenly stopping on a dime. She turned back again quickly. “EHAAHHHH!” she screamed.

Gohan blushed and stared at her feet. “Yes, I know,” she said. She raised her head again. “Wait until you see my brother,” she added.

Bulma looked like she was hyperventilating but calmed by degrees. “So that was the wish we saw last night?” she asked Goku, having been up late enough to seen the sky darken.

Goku nodded, folding his arms across his chest and leaning into the door frame.

Gohan glowered. “Your son and my brother thought it would be a great idea to wish for more children like them. Which somehow had to involve me becoming… this,” he made a hand gesture down at himself.

Bulma took that in with wide eyes. “Oh,” she said, then let out a small giggle.

“It’s not funny,” Gohan said. “If what Vegeta said was right, I’m going to be spending the next couple months fighting off both him and my father,” she stuck her thumb behind herself at her Dad.

“Oh,” Bulma said. She caught the uncomfortable look Goku’s face and read between the lines.

This was much more serious than she thought. She sobered up and straightened. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

Gohan sighed and ran a hand thought her short hair. Discussing with Bulma strategies to prevent herself from being raped by her own father because she was suddenly a woman was not something she had planned to do on a Thursday morning. Or, really, ever. “Do you think you can try to figure out a way to counteract it? Like,” she thought back to science class and her study notes on biology. “If I start producing a whole bunch of hormones, you could inject me with something…” Bulma was nodding slowly.

“Yes, that might work…” she trailed off. “But I don’t have a blood samples from a normal Saiyan female. If I had some sort of template maybe…”

Gohan nodded. “Oh!” she said quickly. “What about Goten?”

She could tell Bulma was trying not to laugh again. “Okay,” she said, suppressing her smile. “Get him… ah, her, in here,” she paused. “Actually bring Vegeta and Trunks too. I’ll take blood samples from all of you.”


A few hours later found Gohan sitting on top of a table in Bulma’s lab, covered in a thin sheet and twitching despite herself. The rest of her family and the Briefs family had been let go nearly right away, but Bulma had asked her to stay.

A couple minutes previous Bulma had walked over to place a hand on Gohan’s forehead with concern. She then drew yet another vial of blood and left again. Gohan laid back and stared at the ceiling, trying to meditate, but it wasn’t doing anything at all to stop the twitching.
Which she was. She moaned softly, feeling sweat slide slowly down one temple. Between her legs burned and tingled… and she got it. She got it even though she absolutely did not want to get it.

Vegeta had been right that morning. The wish had apparently wasted no time. She felt like every nerve ending was on fire, and it was taking everything she had to not stick her hand down her pants and play with her new girl bits.

Right now she wanted to murder her little brother. Sister. Whatever Goten was. Dead. That was what she was. Gohan should be in school right now, and decidedly NOT a woman, not running a fever, and not NOW worrying about whether her Dad or Vegeta were going to suddenly walk in and…

“Hi Gohan!”

Oh shit.

Gohan sat up ramrod straight and let out a holler, yanking the sheet up over herself. Goku stood at the door of the lab, a puzzled frown on his face. “Gohan, I just wanted to know how you were…” he trailed off and paused.

And sniffed. He breathed in deeply once, twice, puzzled frown on his face growing. His eyes widened suddenly. “Gohan, you’re…”

“Get OUT of here, Dad!” Gohan yelled.

Goku stood absolutely still. Then his chin lowered and a smirk crept across his face.
If that wasn’t the creepiest thing she had ever seen, Gohan wasn’t sure what was. This time she yelled as loud as she could. The new female voice made for quite a nice high pitched scream, and even Goku winced a bit, though it didn’t deter him much as the smirk turned into an all out grin and he stepped forwards.

Gohan looked desperately about the lab. She wondered if she could still power up. She’d end up blowing up half the lab if she fought her father in here. If only she could get to the door…
And then Goku went from leering at her to keeled over clenching his gut.

Gohan blinked. She hadn’t seen what had happened but it wasn’t too hard to figure out. Vegeta stood there, with a worried looking Bulma standing behind him. Gohan’s eyes widened. “Vegeta?” she questioned. Alarm bells started to go off in her head. Shit. If they were BOTH here…

The look Vegeta shot her was cryptic, but lucid. He looked back down at man at his feet. “Get up,” the smaller Saiyan barked, yanking her father up by his hair.

“Ow, Vegeta,” Goku whined, but that earned him a slap across the face.

“Get the Namekian here, now,” Vegeta snapped, shaking him a little. “Teleport. We need to get Gohan into that Time Chamber before YOU do something you’ll regret.”

Thankfully that seemed to get through her Dad’s head. He shot a wide-eyed look in Gohan’s direction, then pressed his fingers to his forehead and disappeared.

Gohan got it. There just hadn’t been enough time, it had been, what, five hours since morning? There was no way Bulma would have found a cure by now. So that meant they were going to plan B. Suddenly plan B wasn’t looking so bad if it meant her Dad wouldn’t look at her like that. She got to her feet, a bit surprised she was shaky on them. “I can get there myself…” she began.

Vegeta actually stepped back from her and snarled, the look on his face hostile. “You’ll stay right there until the Namekian gets here,” he ordered, pointing for her to sit down. Gohan sat. “And then I don’t want to see you again until you’re done,” he backed up until he was against the wall and stood there, arms folded across his chest.

“Vegeta, maybe you should…” Bulma began.

Vegeta shot her a look that would have quelled any lesser being and possibly a couple Gods too. “Shut up, woman!” he snarled, but then the look on his face softened as hurt and fury flashed across her face. She did not like being yelled at. “I have it, Bulma,” Vegeta said quietly, his tone conciliatory. “It’s not so bad yet. In another hour maybe. Go back to work.”

“…” Bulma sighed and reluctantly backed down. She glared at Vegeta before giving Gohan an apologetic look and turning to leave the room.

“I really do not want this to be happening,” Gohan groaned once she was gone.

The expression on Vegeta’s face wasn’t outright hostile now, though the guardedness remained. “I know you don’t, Gohan,” he said. “That’s why I sent your witless father off to…”

At that moment said witless father winked back into existence with a large, very familiar Namekian in tow. “Gohan?” he questioned, turning his gaze to his former student.

“Piccolo!” Gohan exclaimed. She had never been so relieved to see her friend in a very long time and right at that particular moment didn’t give a crap if he saw her as a girl. She threw herself off the bed and at the Namekian, tripping and collapsing against him as her new limbs decided they hated her.

Piccolo hoisted her up and wrapped his arms around her protectively. All Goku had said was that they needed his help before someone hurt Gohan and if he’d please come quickly.

There was nothing like walking in on a giant puzzle and trying to put the pieces together. Gohan was obviously female now, he got that, and that must have had something to do with the wish the night before. Vegeta was tense as hell, his ki fluctuating slightly, and Goku was both worried AND aroused… he didn’t know much about human or Saiyan reproduction, but he could smell such things. Come to think of it, Gohan was aroused too. She was also anxious, he could sense, and just a little bit frightened. She was currently shooting wary looks in the directions of both Vegeta and her father.

What… the hell. When Goku had said Gohan had needed protecting, they couldn’t possibly have meant… he shot a look at Vegeta.

“Get her to the Time Chamber and throw her in there,” Vegeta ordered. “Before Kakarrot or I do something we’d regret.”

Piccolo’s eyes narrowed. “You wouldn’t,” he hissed, tightening his grip on Gohan slightly. He wasn’t nearly as strong as either full blooded Saiyan, but if he had to he’d defend Gohan to the death.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow at him. “Not like you’re thinking Namekian,” he said haughtily. “I think you’d find she’d quite enjoy it, actually. But I don’t think she… HE’d appreciate it in the morning,” he stepped over to Goku and grabbed him by the arm, yanking him forcefully towards the door. “Let’s spar Kakarrot,” he said, his voice leaving no room for argument. Goku let himself be lead away reluctantly.

Piccolo waited until they had both cleared the room before turning his gaze down to his former student. Wide black eyes stared up at him. It was a bit jarring but, it was Gohan, her ki, though low, hadn’t changed all that much, even if her human shape had. “Are you okay?” he asked.

Gohan nodded. “Yeah,” she said. “Yeah. Thanks for coming to get me,” she added.

Piccolo nodded back. “No problem,” he replied. “You can fill me in on the details on the way back to Dende’s,” he added.

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(no subject)
09:11am 27/03/2012 (UTC)
KC: red snakes girl
Ha! Got time! And this is fun! I know you said this might not be my cuppa, but this is enjoyable. I'm glad you're back in this fandom, at least for this story, and I'm finding it to be a quick paced twisty little story. I love how Vegeta's managing this and how the brats are responsible, and I'm looking forward to more of Gohan freaking out.
picword: red snakes girl
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(no subject)
01:39am 01/04/2012 (UTC)
So happy you are getting back into it, it's so funny after I read the two stories you posted, DBZ suddenly came on tv! I'm a huge B/V fan, so thanks for getting them in there, for a canon couple not nearly love!

I love the fact the the gender twist actually has a good reason behind it. Really looking forward to seeing the next part!
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