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I'm done, yay!  
08:03pm 22/03/2012
I can't believe my class is finally done. Finished my exam yesterday, and I'm fairly sure I passed!

If I pass practicum next month, I'll have a TESOL certificate and qualified to teach English as a second language to... well pretty much anyone. If I can get a job in town that'd be great, because I'm not so much into going over seas at my age. I'm 31 and I just feel too... settled to uproot for a year. By the time I get back, depending on when I go, I'd be 33 or 34... etc. Also I have cats. I AM however considering possibly in the future looking into becoming a high school teacher. Dun dun dun. But that'd mean two more years of school. My spinster great aunts were teachers, so I'd be following in a fine family tradition. Including the spinster bit. ;)

So ANYWAY~ I have a big question for the whole ten of you that still use LJ... I used to be a DBZ fan and wrote yaoi/drew pictures 10 years ago. (Literally, my first DBZ fanfic was posted in March of 2002.) I just got back into the fandom 10 YEARS LATER... and no one is around anymore. :( Seriously. Most everyone stopped posting years ago. Also, because I suck and went and got super busy almost all of my TMNT friends are offline too (yes, time does kill fandoms, it's true.)

So, I was wondering if anyone knew any place online where the DBZ fandom is still alive and well... or alternatively, want to hit me up on AIM? :3 My username is Spacefille, just like my username... elsewhere/everywhere. *is a whore*

While procrastinating on my homework for above said class, I've been writing and reading crap tons of Vegeta/Gohan, I guess it's my old standard. <3 I have a tendency towards Piccolo/Gohan too, but its harder for me to do as they don't have dicks, (as the DBZ Abridged series was so kind to point out. XD) Of course I happily read and write almost anything, including the good old Goku/Vegeta pairing (they're like Raph/Leo srsly) but at this point so many fics have been written with them it gets a bit redundant. (Aw, Goku pretty much forced Vegeta against his will again and he ended up really enjoying it anyway? How sweet! ... no seriously I love that.) But yes, there you go. XD I need my fix!
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04:31am 26/03/2012 (UTC)
Yeah, I only use facebook cause it helps me keep in touch with my family... I don't live anywhere near them. That it's good for.

Goodness, you're actually watching DBZ? The original or Kai? I watched the original and I had to fast forward a lot and I skipped some parts that didn't have Vegeta in it. Are you watching dubbed? The original dub is inexperienced and not very good (in my opinion, though I watched most of DBZ with that dub), I find it's much easier to watch the Kai dub, the voice actors got better at it over the years. Sub is best imho, but hard to find, I've only seen about 20% of DBZ subbed.

I think Vegeta featured in a lot of young woman's first sexual fantasies. Bulma is the arch-typical young woman who only goes for the badboys, seeing as Yamcha was a badguy in DB. Then he got lame so she went after the guy who commits mass genocide, kills entire villages of people, and murdered someone right in front of her the first time they ever met (Zarbon). Bulma was just lucky Vegeta had no other place to go after the Freiza saga, and had sufficient motivation (in having a place to live, food, place to train) to not go off and kill everyone. Sure he settled in, but not until AFTER the Cell Saga... four years later.

... Also the Abridged actually makes Vegeta cooler than he is, though he is still a great character. He's really annoying during the cell saga. He has like three lines of dialogue he spouts on repeat (Prince of all Saiyans shouldn't lose to a lowly third class clown, I will defeat Kakarrot, I have my pride!, and I'm the best/strongest there is). -_- He gets cooler again during the Majin Buu saga. Well, after he has his Majin Vegeta mid-life crisis. :P
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11:03pm 26/03/2012 (UTC)
Raina: Vegeta
"Goodness, you're actually watching DBZ? The original or Kai?"

Yes, I am! :) I'm watching the original. Tried Kai but stopped after the fifth episode when it became clear I could not stand the massively obvious edits. Did they think I couldn't tell when something hasn't been airbrushed? Sheesh! :P

"I watched the original and I had to fast forward a lot and I skipped some parts that didn't have Vegeta in it. Are you watching dubbed? The original dub is inexperienced and not very good (in my opinion, though I watched most of DBZ with that dub), I find it's much easier to watch the Kai dub, the voice actors got better at it over the years. Sub is best imho, but hard to find, I've only seen about 20% of DBZ subbed."

I've watched everything so far. I don't enjoy taking things out of context without the full benefit of the entire story. Vegeta is my favorite too but I get a kick out of the other characters too. I'm not watching any of the dubs. Subs all the way for me baby! I don't get what you mean by the subs being hard to find. All the releases I've been getting from Netflix have three versions of the anime on each disk: original dub broadcast as it was on the tv, the unedited dub and something they call "original Japanese mono" with the usual subtitle options. I make sure to set it right before each viewing. I find the fact most of the cast is performed by women very hilarious. Vegeta's Japanese VA is awesome (and very much male thank god). His performance scares the CRAP out of me sometimes (but he is very well spoken and uses big words, he also cusses a lot). Goku little high-pitched vocal mannerisms make me giggle (he cusses too but mildly, usually only when frustrated).

Vegeta features in my sexual fantasies NOW. XD Never thought he would, what with that hair. The anime sure doesn't mind giving us a peek in the shower once in a while, lol.

I like Bulma simply because she's not some lay about that needs to be rescued all the time. Compared to Chichi, the older she gets, the more the series goes on, the smarter she gets about knowing when and when not to go near the battle field. She helps out where she can and where it's logical to do so. She possesses extraordinary patience when it comes to Vegeta's attitude. I wish the anime had given us more glimpses of their relationship because of all of the ones presented, that one really needed to be explained on just how the hell it got that far. Just because Vegeta is who he is, he doesn't strike one as the type. Then again, I'm glad he got to have a wife and a kid after the tough breaks life has handed him. I find Trunks' devotion to his father very sweet. (Even though my favorite part is when Vegeta goads Mirai Trunks, betting him he won't shoot him because he's his father, and then when he DOES, he's lying in the ocean exclaiming: "I can't believe he shot me!" XD). I'm actually not surprised Bulma went for him. Love can make a woman look past certain things about a man. I personally wouldn't be able to see past the things he's done but obviously Bulma can. I find it interesting really.

Abridged Vegeta is just awesome. "Kaaaaakarot, Kaaaakarot, Kaaa - Oh screw this, wake up dumbass!" XD

The road to redemption is a long and bumpy one. Vegeta's character journey I find to be an amazing one because it's so well-done and inspiring. He goes from villian, to antagonist, to anti-hero in nine seasons.... and I've loved him all the way. :)

picword: Vegeta
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05:38am 27/03/2012 (UTC)
Oh so you've watched more than I thought you did. XD

I must admit I'm a Bulma/Vegeta shipper, even though I keep pairing Vegeta with Goku or Gohan (though in my most recent fic he's definitely together with Bulma as well).

My theory on the Bulma/Vegeta thing comes down to sex really. Especially the first time, I honestly believe she probably put the moves on him, and he let her continue or followed through with it. One night stand and all that, or perhaps a several night stand until he was like "okay no more distractions, also wtf she's pregnant" and took off.

Frankly Vegeta is probably VERY GOOD in bed. Plus, after he settles in a bit, it's probably reassuring to have someone around that basically acts as the best bodyguard ever. No one is going to attack her or her family. EVER.

Finally they're probably both very good at ignoring each others egos. Bulma doesn't cower at all when Vegeta gets... Vegeta-like (she just gets annoyed), and Vegeta can't blast her because then he wouldn't have a nice place to live. (also if he did blast her someone, whether Goku or Gohan would come and put him in his place and/or kill him. So, gotta keep her alive.)

As for the reason why I think she ended up growing on Vegeta so much (besides their shared child) is the fact that Vegeta's literally never had anyone care about him before. I don't think Nappa counted, he was a Saiyan who loved violence just as much as he did, but Bulma for all her rantiness does care like most woman would. I imagine (and I've written this) that he is different around her in private than when he is around the other fighters, not completely different in personality, but more tolerant and they'd be able to have intellectual conversations, since they're both rather smart. Yeah sure, he'll never give her hugs, but if you have someone to talk to/argue with and who is phenomenal in bed all could be forgiven I think. ;)

Just my thoughts. You've been reading the fics, you know this stuff already. ;)
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08:32pm 27/03/2012 (UTC)
Raina: Reflection of Amalthea
Yep. Going on towards the middle of Season 9. I've been watching it for months since I've been watching every episode. :)

I can't pair Vegeta with anyone but Bulma. In my opinion, canon is as canon does. If I like what I see, I stick with it. Thankfully DBZ takes care of all that for me and I'm cool with what it gives me, which is rare. It's not like it's Avatar: TLA.

Vegeta and Bulma starting out being all about the sex, I'm cool with that. It tends to be the glue that keeps many couples together and there's nothing wrong with that. It's often the absence of sex that destroys the relationship no matter HOW great you are together. (Yes, speaking from experience). My own theory is the living arrangements were acceptable to both of them, they got along more or less, and it helps the sex is good. Vegeta wound up loving the kid he fathered so it was a good enough reason to stay as any. I'm sure they love each other in private. I agree with you about Vegeta never literally having anyone care about him before. Bulma must have been a refreshing change: finally someone he can trust... because frankly trust is more important before love (helps too if the person isn't afraid of you either). I'm sure the affection followed soon after but that would have been a very big deal to someone like Vegeta being able to find someone who just wanted to help him out for no other motive other than to be nice and that she found him attractive and wanted to keep him around. As for Bulma, you said it: he's the best bodyguard you could ever hope for. Both got themselves a bargain shacking up together for many reasons other than just the ones stated here.

I think Vegeta would be different with Bulma in private. What man isn't? I'm sure even though PDA is out of the question, he more than makes up for it when there are four walls and a closed door between him, Bulma and the world. Their kids are probably the only ones who he wouldn't care if they saw him show Bulma some affection.

Hehe, yeah, I've been reading the fics. Most of them are really good (thanks to the series conveniently leaving lots of leg room for fan fic authors to play around with the dynamic).

picword: Reflection of Amalthea
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