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Yay #2!  
10:50pm 14/07/2011
Deathly Hallows Malfoy screencaps!! Includes bad!touch Voldemort and Draco being heroic.

Voldemort's killing sprees, fun the whole family can enjoy. I have no idea what is being said as the video I got this from was in Russian and this scene wasn't in the books, but from the horrified look on Narcissa's face it obviously was something very very bad.

Next Draco APPARATES (somehow) into the school and grabs his two buddies to try to save them, doing the first really heroic thing I've ever seen him do. This also wasn't in the book!

Draco: I want my wand back Harry!

Draco's reaction to Goyle falling to his death. I didn't screencap the fall. Sorry.

Hard to tell but this is the first pass Harry makes to rescue Draco. It fails the first time...

And then suceeds.

Randomly, for reasons I can't tell because I don't speak Russian and the movie is obviously using the book as a guideline instead of docterine... Voldemort gets pissy at Lucius and knocks him around a bit.

Narcissa: Is my son alive?

Harry: *tinest nod ever*

Narcissa: He's dead.

Lucius orders Draco to come over from the good guy's side. Draco doesn't budge. So his mom does it and apparently he only listens to his mother now.


Lucius tries to get some affection in too but apparently both his wife and son are pissed at him.

Aaand the final battle commences. Mom and son turn around and walk the other way hand in hand.

Lucius is like, oh shit.

Lucius: Wait up guyz!
Narcissa: I'm filing for divorce.

Epilogue where you get to see Draco and Astoria or whatever her name is hugging their little kid good bye. Obviously this one will turn out somewhat normal.

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