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(no subject)  
10:51am 02/01/2011

No matter how much I heart this... something inside of me feels odd at the thought of immortality. The thought of downloading my brain terrifies me. If only the slightest thing goes wrong, like a stroke, the fundamentals of ones personality can change. What damage then will be had if we download ourselves? Further in a metal body the physical becomes a memory, and after 70 years of physical body occupancy how dependent will we be on the mere touch of other human beings? Even if they integrate touch, there is a distinct possibly that every downloaded mind will be driven mad within a couple years. Or sink into profound depression as the change will be to hard to take. Downloaded minds may become true ghosts of the persons they once were.

However this does go with my old prediction and wishes to live the last years of my life with my brain connected to the Internet. :P
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(no subject)
09:09pm 02/01/2011 (UTC)
Legal Assassin: why is the redneck so CUTE?
Ahh, I thought that article was going to touch on nano-technology.

It's kind of surreal to think about, even though I'm sure in the next 40-50 years it'll totally be doable. Personally, I'm more interested in the virtual reality they briefly mentioned at the end there than downloading my 'brain' into some sort of hardware. Though, I guess you never know, in 40-50 years a lot could change.

Misque and I were just talking about how, with the new technology for 3D filming, it wouldn't be that difficult to make a full immersible virtual world. How easy, or cheap, it would be to have access is another thing all together.

Randomly, why would they even add your yogurt saying good morning to you? Like, having planes too afraid to crash and even storing your brain on a computer, well, okay, but why on earth would you want your food to talk to you? That's creepy!

er, sorry I rambled a bit.
picword: why is the redneck so CUTE?
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(no subject)
12:08am 03/01/2011 (UTC)
Just one snag--sure, you download your mind into a computer. It's just a copy. Just like when you move a file from your flashdrive to your harddrive, that doesn't put the original onto the computer. Only a copy.

Your copy may be happy. You're still going to die eventually.

Hence why I keep saying I want an android body like Ghost in the Shell. Part of the brain matter goes inside. It's not a copy. It's you in a machine.
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(no subject)
04:05am 03/01/2011 (UTC)
Raina: Got a light?
This is so weird because I just watched an old episode of Superman where a man is turned into a machine and becomes enraged when he finds out he can no longer feel anything physically.

I think it would be akin to being reincarnated in the most literal sense. You do truly die then don't you?
picword: Got a light?
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(no subject)
06:42am 03/01/2011 (UTC)
Nathan Ashoka

Death is inevitable in a closed system; the idea we can cheat it long enough to really experience life is an age old dream. A reflection of the first dreams of Paradise.

I'm not sure if living in a simulation in a box is living, maybe its the luddite in me, but I want there to a numinous quality to life that VR wouldn't capture.

So maybe just life extension in corpus? Sounds way more rewarding than the sims ver. 1 million.
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