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(no subject)  
12:02pm 02/11/2010
The Good and the Bad of NANOWRIMO:

Edit: On the subject of Nano, if I'm just writing random crap I can type out 1000 words in an hour. So it's not so much whether I can do Nano again, but rather if I have an extra 50 hours to spare this month and do I really want to spend them on writing?
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(no subject)
06:37am 03/11/2010 (UTC)
CEO, Air Perv: Ben Larry Beer
Also, also. Somehow my Kuronue has turned into a ginger forty-something, very sexually experienced very gay NYC copper who really isn't even pretty, even if he does have an incredible cock-sucking mouth. And then I wrote tentacle porn. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN, ASHKE? *CLINGS*
picword: Ben Larry Beer
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(no subject)
07:24pm 03/11/2010 (UTC)
Aww... you're all growed up now :3
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(no subject)
08:41pm 03/11/2010 (UTC)
CEO, Air Perv: Ben Larry Sienna
.... yeah, I totally did. ^^;;; man, I don't even remember the last time I watched a cartoon.
picword: Ben Larry Sienna
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