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(no subject)  
12:58pm 13/10/2010
Two days in back to work and I'm already faltering. The feeling of being trapped is returning, threatening to overwhelm.

I'm at a cross roads... I either deal with it somehow or I cease to exist. But I can't remain in limbo.
mood: trapped
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(no subject)
06:28am 14/10/2010 (UTC)
CEO, Air Perv
Wow, open diary still exists? Or did you download it before the site went kaput?

I think if you're only focus is surviving it's not going to get you through... surviving is a monotony and in the end meaningless if that's all there is to it...
There has to be some kind of dream left, right? Even if it's just a little one?
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(no subject)
03:44pm 14/10/2010 (UTC)
No. Just no. I had once upon a time... now I don't know. I don't especially enjoy doing anything for long periods of time. I learn something and then when I know everything I get bored. I stayed at the Source by Circuit City for so long cause I loved my boss and my customers. What I need is a job where I can help people. I told my psych that and she sent me back to work. Here.
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(no subject)
03:47pm 14/10/2010 (UTC)
CEO, Air Perv: White Love Story
Aww, I wish you could come here and work with me, I think you'd love working for Enmax. <3

Regardless, that sounds like a goal to me. Now you just need to decide how - will something as simple as retail do it, or do you want to go all the way and do something like social services? And what about volunteering?

ETA: Honestly, when I ended things with the first girlfriend, my only goal was to work somewhere that would let me make enough money to go to Japan. Dreams don't have to be big or even long term. Just -something-, right?

Edited at 2010-10-14 03:51 pm (UTC)
picword: White Love Story
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