M (spacefille) wrote,

For the last two weeks, maybe three, ever since I had my cold and slept all day, I haven't been able to sleep at my normal sleep times (i.e. – 1:30 am to 6:45... I'm okay on 5 hours of sleep)

I'll crawl into bed at 7:30 pm absolutely exhausted and wanting very much to sleep through the night, then I'm WIDE AWAKE again at 9 pm. I won't be able to get to sleep again until 4:30 am, and then get up at around 6:45 feeling like crap.

I’ve been trying everything. I tried writing before bed, which used to make me sleepy. I’ll be exhausted but when I lie down nothing happens. I’ve been logged out of chat at 10 pm, so that I’m not wound up and staring at a computer screen. Then I won’t be able to sleep and end up playing mindless computer games an hour later (curse you Mafia Wars). Or cleaning my bedroom by dangling my hand over the side of my bed and rearranging what mess I can reach.

I’m anxious. My mind races. I’ve gained 10 pounds in a month, which is frankly disturbing as hell. I’m on damage control at work, my exhaustion at work covered up by sneaking off during breaks or napping for 10 mins at lunch.

Some have suggested I not nap at all during the day. That didn’t work.

Last week I tried to not nap at all during the day and still only got to sleep at 4:30 and got 2 hours of sleep that night. That was the night that my sister sent me an e-mail and my sister in law was in labour, so it may be because of that that I couldn't sleep at all, but I don’t think so… it’s like my body has hard programmed 4:30 am as sleep time.

The only day I was able to sleep normal-ish was Friday night Saturday, when I fell asleep at 3:30 am after napping in the evening, and then getting up again at 10 am to go about my day. I didn’t nap at all on Saturday, though I got extremely tired at around 8 pm at the party I was at, and after getting home from the party I fell asleep at 3:30 am again. I thought, great! An hour earlier is awesome! But then I slept until 4 in the afternoon on Sunday, with a brief period of consciousness in the middle to eat breakfast, and on Monday morning I was back to my 4:30 am to 6:45 am routine.

I do have one question, I know I shattered my Circadian Rhythm with the oversleeping/sleeping all day when I was sick. If I take sleeping pills to knock myself out at my old sleep times (or say, 11 pm) will the Circadian Rhythm adjust to the new time so eventually pills aren’t needed?
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