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(no subject)  
09:56am 13/10/2009
Update on life --

Kitten is doing good, though is a handful. She’s been on antibiotics since the vet two weeks ago. Her eyes still get runny, but she’s been eating well, plays well, and hopefully will start using the litterbox more regularly… she has a habit of pooping around the litterbox instead of in it.

Shes about twice the size she was when I first got her. Her eyes are turning golden. I haven’t decided on a name for her yet.

Duo, my ex’s cat, will be adopted by my co-worker. I’m grateful for that, because three cats are a handful, especially since my cat and Duo do not get along at all.

I spent the weekend cleaning. On Saturday I cleaned the entire kitchen spotless while watching bad movies on TV… I watched Soylent Green, and Batman Returns (1990s version), than yesterday did laundry and worked on the living room while watching Eragon and Battlefield Earth. All four movies were about the same level of mediocre, which made them perfect movies to watch while doing chores.

I need to keep working on getting all my stuff out of the living room and into the storage room, as Dave and Mandy are moving to Vancouver at the end of October/beginning of November and will need a place to stay until they find a place here in Vancouver.

My brother contacted me to tell me he’s getting married in front of a Justice of the Peace on the 24th with his very pregnant girlfriend. I was going to miss it due to lack of funds, but remembered I had 300 dollars I owed my parents in my bank account still and asked permission to use that to book the plane tickets, which my parents said was more than okay. XD Luckily Vancouver to Calgary is cheap!

I found ponies that people requested back two weeks ago, as well as prepared my first lots for E-bay. I charged the batteries for my digital camera so I can start photographing them, and this week I’ll be going to the post office to find out shipping costs. Sorry for being so slow, I haven’t forgotten. :)

I’m also considering taking people up on their offers of monetary assistance towards kittens vet bills in exchange for fic writing/arting, lol. It is the one thing I can do. I will keep people posted.

Admittedly, life has been very trying lately, thanks again all for the tons of support in the last month or so. *hugs all around*
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(no subject)
05:57pm 13/10/2009 (UTC)
Jordan Herbert: Rafieo and David
That's great that you'll be able to see your brother getting married! And that your kitty is feeling better! Very nice to hear that some things are working out well enough! :)
picword: Rafieo and David
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(no subject)
10:25pm 13/10/2009 (UTC)
CEO, Air Perv
Is the litter box maybe too high for her to get in easily?
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(no subject)
12:23am 14/10/2009 (UTC)
Raina: Sweet Reflection
No kidding about life being trying. It's frustrating sometimes living from day to day knowing not even a job is garaunteed.

Glad to hear about the kitten doing better. I knew with someone like you caring for her she'd be all right. :)

I winced at your movie mentions. Definitely none of those would go on my must see list. And to think I used to LIKE Batman Returns! *shudders at self* But I suppose even a straight woman can get distracted by Michelle Pfeiffer in a cat suit... XD

Looking forward to seeing those pony pictures.
picword: Sweet Reflection
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(no subject)
01:04am 14/10/2009 (UTC)
Good grief, it's a running gag
Yay for kitty and getting to see your brother married!
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(no subject)
05:28am 14/10/2009 (UTC)
grats on becoming a sister in-law :P
And yay for the kitty. I wish we could have an animal. I miss having a dog. :(
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(no subject)
08:59am 21/10/2009 (UTC)
Nathan Ashoka

Glad to hear the kitten is doing better. Sorry to hear that things are rough for you, but you seem to be staying strong through it. I can't help much presently, but when I'm back I'll do something.

Take care Marie.

P.S. Dave and Mandy simultaneously? Wow, will be interesting.
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