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(no subject)  
07:17pm 05/10/2009
So life update...

I am no longer going anywhere.

There is a reason for this... approximately 3 hours after my post I took baby girl kitten to the doctors. She was sick and when the doctor gave her a shot of anti-biotic, kitten went into a seizure and died. Went totally limp, pooped, etc.

I go "you killed my kitten?!" and the vet quickly checked her heart, squeezed her little ribcage a couple times, goes "I'm going to go do CPR" and disappeared into the back while I had a melt down in the vets office, wailing. I thought I'd have to drive back and give Randy a dead kitten. I felt horribly guilty that it may have been my fault she died somehow and txted a lot of people saying that I killed the kitten ;_; .

Fifteen minutes later the desk lady comes and gets me and says... she's gasping for air but alive. So I go see her and shes barely hanging in there, making little gasps into the tiniest oxygen mask ever. Turns out (I found out later) he had put a shot of something right into her heart and another right into her lungs to get them going again. o_O

By this time it was late and night and I was still beside myself. They said I had to get her to the animal emergency clinic which was open at night and that she may die on the way. They called me a cab and she gasped away and tried to meow unhappily while we went there. The emergency clinic people took her from me and stuck her in an oxygen tank and took x-rays. Her lungs were congested. She recovered from the gasping and by midnight she was mewing for food. They let me take her home, after the vet warned that she may not last longer than a couple weeks if she has a congenial defect or anything like that.

Either way, the vets put me out $900 together, $200 for the first place and $700 for the second. So now I can't afford the trip home to Alberta or to Rock Creek.

I asked for my job back. Instead of picking up a second job to pay off credit cards, I am going to be working hard on getting ponies up for sale. I'm planning on putting them in lots on E-bay... I will post links here. :)

As for kitten, I don't want to part with her now. I took her to the vet tonight and asked them to weigh her, she went from .8 pounds to 1.2 pounds in a week. So she is healthy and growing! :D
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(no subject)
03:58pm 06/10/2009 (UTC)
Mica: Oh My
Eek! O_O poor kitty!!
picword: Oh My
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