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TMNT 2011 movie  
11:48am 18/07/2009
Oh GAWD not AGAIN...

So I was reading more information on the 2011 Live Action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie and cringing at the words "Re-telling of the origin story" and "Batman Begins style reboot".

Not that a "Batman Begins style" retelling of TMNT wouldn't be freakin' awesome, but because how many more times do I have to go through the origin story?? I can recite the damn thing off by heart and have seen it done in EVERY SINGLE version of TMNT to date, except for Next Mutation, which sucked ass, and the 2007 movie, which was pretty much pretty fight scene in the rain and not much else.

But seriously. ARGH.

Maybe the problem is I've been a hardcore TMNT fan for 18 years. Maybe I'm just getting sick of it, after 200+ comics (in four different volumes, not counting several side series), 4 movies, 2 cartoon shows, several toy lines and so on.

I mean, didn't the Star Wars fans end up getting bitter and jaded after a while? I know Star Trek fans did, and remained bitter and jaded until the 2009 movie kicked their asses. And by Star Trek fans I mean the normal Star Trek fans who all those horrible trekkies jokes didn't apply to, because honestly, who doesn't know who Picard is? Yeah, I thought so.
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08:55pm 18/07/2009 (UTC)
CEO, Air Perv: Dark City Syringe
Did I even realize there was a 2007 movie? :S
picword: Dark City Syringe
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10:03pm 18/07/2009 (UTC)
Practically everyone is
You're not necessarily sick of the franchise; you're just sick of the fucking origin story.

I know I am.

The first thing that got me excited about the 2007 movie was the fact that it was NOT going to be another rehash job. I was already dubious about the 2011 film, and now I'm even more dubious.
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11:42pm 18/07/2009 (UTC)
Good grief, it's a running gag: huh that's new (TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo)
Likewise. Also, what the fucking hell is wrong with a movie being, I dunno, fun? Is there some rule against fun in Hollywood now?
picword: huh that's new (TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo)
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01:04am 19/07/2009 (UTC)
Jordan Herbert
Are you serious? *head desk* I was actually excited for the 2011 movie. Now I might as well just re-watch one of the other origin movies. I don't care if this will have special affects or no zippers showing while they tell the tale; I've been there, seen it, don't really care that much about it anymore. Sure, the 2007 movie didn't explain anything and all the kiddos were kinda lost, but they didn't care because they still just thought it was sweet. If they care enough to want to learn how the TMNT came to be, they'll do some research and find one of the millions of way to find out the backstory.

At least it guarentees more Don and Mikey this time.
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01:18am 19/07/2009 (UTC)
I still remember you getting me to watch all those cartoons before the movie. One of the best marathons I'd had in a while. Cheers to that!
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04:54am 19/07/2009 (UTC)
reijiro75: Raph Mike solidarity
Word. Although if we do get a chance to see the mousers (done well) on the big screen I will be one very happy little fangirl. XD
picword: Raph Mike solidarity
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12:01pm 20/07/2009 (UTC)
I never got jaded with Star Wars. There were a few things about 1 & 2 that I didn't like, but the movies--as a WHOLE--are entirely enjoyable and entertaining. And I love the new cartoon series, lol.

Nope, no jadedness here. ^_^

(except when it comes to Batman & TMNT...just drop it already, stupid movie producers!! It's like beating a freakin' dead horse!! Grrr)
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08:58pm 20/07/2009 (UTC)
Um, I'm not a huge TMNT fan; but I have been exposed to the old old way old comic books and I think that if they maybe followed that a little closer (eg: the new Batman isn't exactly all "Holy Shark Repellent, Batman!!!!" if you catch my drift) and give a little more of that gritty tone as per some of the old material then maybe it'd be worth watching. They keep flogging it because it HAS such potential; but another friggin' rehash? Holy hell.....we KNOW already. Can we make it past Chapter 1? Please?
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