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(no subject)  
03:51pm 28/07/2008
This afternoon I thought to myself, what causes us to have a fulfilling life? Especially if one does not have any faith in a higher power nor an afterlife?

The answer came within minutes. It's not money, money does nothing to help erase an emptiness in the soul. Nor is it location, as I am in paradise right now and still feel empty.

It's people. The simple quiet and filling feeling of being surrounded by people and not being alone. It's family, no matter how estranged, giving guidance and being happy about their presence in our lives. It's friends, no matter how odd, who care and show concern for your well being.

I don't know what this all means to my present life dilemma but I have some time to think about it. :)

For now I'm going to go off and watch the X-Files movie. <3 I want to believe. :D
mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
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(no subject)
03:21am 29/07/2008 (UTC)
tell me how the x-files movie isss. that is my one hope for fulfillment. :\\\\\
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(no subject)
09:38am 29/07/2008 (UTC)
silent_myriad: Don Leo Couch
I'm barely an acquaintance on a blogging site (here) - but I just wanted to say that I enjoy your presence, even if it is only electronic. (I did friend you, after all, right?)
I hope you find an understanding in your current situation. *hugs*
picword: Don Leo Couch
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(no subject)
01:11am 30/07/2008 (UTC)
I saw the X-Files movie. I'll wait until you give an opinion of it to say anything about it much further than just to say: it was vastly underwhelming.
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(no subject)
01:52am 30/07/2008 (UTC)
M: mulder simpsons
LOL but there were Skinner and Mulder cuddles! <3
picword: mulder simpsons
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(no subject)
04:24pm 30/07/2008 (UTC)
LOL. XD Didn't do a thing for me. The film was THAT underwhelming - that and you know I'm not into that stuff.
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