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And that's how I feel about that...  
01:14pm 28/01/2008
I have a... shall we say strained relationship with the rest of the TMNT fandom. Ever since creating turtlecest I've gotten mixed feedback from the older members of the fandom, ones that have been posting together for years. Granted I wrote and posted turtleslash back in the year 2001, but since I never socialized with the fandom I'm not really considered a part of it.

Creating turtlecest caused some riffs for certain. There is tension between the "old" fans and the slashers, I feel it very well, and have posted about it before. I have tried my best to stick by my guns. But in doing so I'm afraid I might have become elitest myself... but I wonder if this is a bad thing?

Point in case... Stealthy Stores, a tmnt fanfic website run by a male fan who is anti-slash, who contains a high population of passive/agressive anti-turtlecest fans who like to vent about how horrible slash is (also discussed in previous entries), are having a contest.

This would be fine, as it doesn't effect my life any... most of my favorite fics will not be nominated and I don't particularly care, as what the rest of the turtle fandom does is none of my concern.

UNTIL... until they start posting to my community telling the members of my community about the contest.

Here is a link to it:

The post reads:

The Nominations Window for the 2007 TMNT Adult Fan Fiction Awards is now open. It will close Midnight, Sunday 3rd of February 2008.

For more information the rules post is located here on the LJ community TMNT_Adult and also here on Stealthy Stories: NFU

Note: participation in this competition (both nomination submissions and voting) is restricted to members of these two sites. However, stories posted anywhere online during 2007 that are rated 'M' or higher are eligible to be nominated.

My reply to this was as follows:

I appreciate your posting of these contests to our group, however the fact that the voting is restricted to members of your group makes this off topic and spam.

If the rest of the fandom wishes members of turtlecest to vote in their contests then make it so they can do so without having to join up to a certain website or group. If that's not possible than I'll be deleting this post within the next 24 hours. I feel it is elitest and unfair.

On that note perhaps this community can have an open vote turtlecest awards or something to make up for it.

Thank you for your time.


So there you have it. Most people may find my decision to be out of line, I have no idea, I just found the idea of joining a website which has already displayed homophobic anti-slash tendancies to be an offensive suggestion, and, furthermore one has to post 50 times to Stealthy Stories to get into the adult section. How do you all feel?
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My small (Large) Opinion
09:52am 09/10/2008 (UTC)
The Black Dragon Queen
Hello! I originally came here in search of the chapters 4&5 of your story "Claimed" when I saw this post... so Wait... You created Trutlecest? ... Really? THANK YOU! I got into slash WAY after the original 3 TMNT movies and when my friend and I recently rented the newest movie I got back into it and was surprised at the fanbase for it! I am so happy for the site! It just totally overloaded my system and I've spent 3 days just reading all the stories! (BTW, is there more to "claimed"? *looks hopeful*) And don't feel too off base with the Old members... I understand their position and how they all became close to one another and are leery at new people but with the release of the new 2007 movie it opened up the fandom to a whole new generation with new ideas (and new oddities). The older members should be glad for the newbies because they come in will all these new opinions. As for the slash/Inct point... well, again, it's a whole new century they really should just deal and not freak out at us. It just ruins the whole creativity vibe. I've been into slash for over 10 years (no lie) and have written for a slew of different things and have gotten my own share of hate mail but you know, I wrote them for my self and my friends and only post in case any one else would like to read my stuff. As for the people from "Stealthy Stores" it kind of IS spam since they won't allow any stories from Turtlecest to begin with. So why are they posting their news there? Idiots. Also the 50 posts requirement; it's just rude. It will just deter writers and more importantly the READERS! Morons... Okay, well, Really this was just a very Big THANK YOU for creating the community. THANK YOU! And please keep writing! I loved "Claimed" parts 1-3! I hope I find the rest! ~The Black Dragon Queen
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