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(no subject)  
03:41pm 22/01/2008
I am just in shock. I don't know what to say.

Heath Ledger found dead in appartment.

I mean... I'm 27. He's a year older than me. I had a teenage crush on him after seeing Ten Things I hate about You. I can't believe...

I can't believe he's dead. It really hits as a blow. I was really looking forwards to watching him in the next Dark Knight movie.

Why would he kill himself? What on earth did we miss? Did someone miss?

Just... wow. My heart goes out to his exwife, daughter and the rest of his family. -_-
mood: shockedshocked
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(no subject)
03:10am 23/01/2008 (UTC)
Nara Dragonfly
One of the sources I read mentioned that he reported having lots of trouble sleeping while doing the role of the Joker, because the role took so much out of him, and that even sleeping pills weren't working very well. So there's a good possibility it was an overdose.
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(no subject)
03:18am 23/01/2008 (UTC)
M: Al Gore
Good. Only in good that it wasn't suicide. ^^
picword: Al Gore
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