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(no subject)  
11:50am 12/05/2010
Well the car is fixed, so on May long weekend I’ll be driving across the mountains to go home to Alberta. This includes driving through mountain passes with sheer cliffs.

I am worried about what would happen to my cats if something happens to me. The problem with pets is, unlike children, they don’t get placed with foster care in case of the death of their owners, they usually wind up in shelters. Well those cats are like my children and I’d rather not have them land in a shelter.

Randy Girard (who lives in Rock Creek, BC) said to give him back Baby if anything happens. Baby is the black cat. Could someone please get Baby to him. And could someone please make sure Sam (my tabby) doesn’t end up in a shelter?

Also if something happens to me, can someone (KC?) take in my extensive TMNT comic book collection? That is probably my most prized possession and represents a lot of time and money. I don’t care about the rest of my stuff, not really, either donate it or use it. That includes the extensive My Little Pony collection, though someone might want to try to sell that on E-bay as there are a couple rare ponies worth a chunk of change.

Wipe the harddrives on the computers and use them too. Also free art supplies! Woot.

I have a couple jump drives with a folder called “Writing” on it kicking about my room, someone please send one of them to Lies_D? ;)

Also I have an insurance policy worth 25K through work, which has my parents on it, if someone has contact with them, please let them know.

I don’t care where I get buried (though Alberta would be preferable), however if I’m dead I won’t be protesting too much. I’d rather be buried than cremated.

Yeah so that’s pretty much it. As long as the TMNT comics aren’t just gotten rid of and as long as the cats are okay, I’m good. :)
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May 12th, 2010
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