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(no subject)  
02:09pm 02/03/2010
Behind the cut is an e-mail exchange between a certain ex-roommate of mine beginning on Friday, February 19, 2010 and ending this morning.

Here is the situation… I had his damage deposit still. With the lack of warning and taking 7 days off of work to have a mental break down, I didn’t have the resources to pay him back right away.

I was planning to pay him back the entire amount ($175) but he still owed me for his portion of the utilities for December and January ($88). I had said I’d pay him the entire amount back anyway because he paid for rent in February for not giving me notice, and I said don’t worry about it because I got a new roommate right away. He said not to worry about it.

It’s such a small small amount it shouldn’t be an issue right? Except I really did not have the money for much of the month… so I was stressed about money a lot.

Anyway, I freaked out at him via e-mail. I was trying to be polite to him and I lost it about the unrelated sexual harassment issue. >_<

For some stupid reason I am scared. I wonder if this entire thing messed up my head more than I thought it did. -_-

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