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Didn't we already do this?  
10:26pm 22/01/2010
So my roommate left his book out on the coffee table a couple days in a row now, open to a page. I told him not to leave his porn!writing laying around back in the Spring time, but chose to ignore it. Until he positioned it towards where I usually sit so I'd have no choice but to glance at it. *rolls eyes*

Here is what it said:

At this point I'm not sure what part of "I don't love you and I'll never EVER have sex with you" he didn't understand.

I didn't read the rest of the book as it contains porn and I really don't care to read his sexual fantasies.

The book is now under the couch. He can either find it himself or ask me where it is, at which point I'll reremind him not to leave his writing laying around, especially when it has to do with me.
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  January 22nd, 2010
January 22nd, 2010
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